Spiritual Renewal Services
Norwich, CT



    Prison Ministry

We have a very active prison ministry in the Diocese of Norwich, CT. Several prisons are served and Life in the Spirit Seminars are given to the prisoners. Other programs are also in place to minister to the prisoners.

Healing Teams

Healing Teams are trained and used throughout the Diocese of Norwich to bring the Lord's healing love to those in need. Miracles still happen, and we are sometimes witnesses of God working through His healing love.

Masses of Healing and Hope

Spirit-filled Masses of Healing and Hope are provided periodically so that God's people can celebrate and give thanks to Our Lord. Many inner healings and physical healings occur during our masses. 

Growth Seminars

Growth Seminars are given periodically and open to the members of the Diocese and other interested parties. These include seminars on the Gifts of the Spirit, prayer, etc.

Parish Missions

Parish Missions are given in the Diocese of Norwich to help the people of the parish to grow in relationship with the Lord. In the future, their may be lay people giving these missions along with Fr. Ray Introvigne.

Men's Retreats

Men's Retreats are an opportunity for men to get together to share their unique walk with the Lord. Teachings are provided and so are discussion times.

Intercessory Prayer

There are several people in the SRS who take it upon themselves to pray for the needs of others. These are our intecessors. This is considered a most important ministry!

Discernment Board

The Discernment Board meets regularly to discern the Lord's will for the SRS. The programs that will occur in the future are also decided upon.

Unbound Prayer Ministry

Spiritual Renewal Center offers this prayer minestry throughout the year.  See the SRS Digest for details.

Prayer Groups
Place and Time of Meetings

Please contact the Renewal Office for the location of Prayer groups in your area.

Philip Seminar Weekend

PHILIP SEMINAR-- How about a mini-retreat? This retreat will change your life! It will put you back on your spiritual track or it will open you to the loving touch of God. We can accept a limited number of attendees (20) for each retreat.
See the SRS Digest for more details.

Life in the Spirit Seminars

The Life in the Spirit Seminar is an eight session program designed to bring an individual into a personal relationship with Jesus and to guide them into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. . 
Contact the Renewal Office for more information.

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